LOOK: Tony Romo shares heartfelt tribute to Jason Witten

Jason Witten has received multiple tributes since he announced his retirement. Tributes came from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, quarterback Dak Prescott, and even the Dallas skyline for the new “Monday Night Football” announcer. Another came in on Monday evening. This one came from longtime teammate and friend, Tony Romo.

Romo gave a detailed account of what he remembers most about Witten. Among other things, he noted specifically that “Jason wouldn’t give an inch. He had to work the hardest. It was just inside him to give maximum effort every single day.”

But it was the way he finished it that really stood out.

“Jason, you have set the standard for every player and coach who walks through the Cowboys facility that there’s one way to play and there’s one way to practice. … And guess what, you can be a great teammate and husband and father while doing it. To the best player I ever played with”

When Romo returned to Dallas as an announcer for the first time, the Cowboys gave him a nice tribute. Included in that was a video narrated by Witten, who praised his former quarterback.

It’s apparent here that the admiration is quite mutual.