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Jordan Love leaves former Super Bowl head coach dumbfounded over ability

With Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers busy being gushed over by Jets owner Woody Johnson former head coach Mike Martz — best known as the architect of the “Greatest Show on Turf ” — has been quite busy gushing over Packers’ backup QB Jordan Love.

In terms of glowing endorsements in making the case for Jordan Love, what Martz had to say feels like the most significant stamp of approval to date that did not come from a coach or executive within the Packers ‘organization.

Although, the latest reassuring comment about Love that did emanate from Green Bay came with some serious weight. When speaking with reporters at the NFL Scouting Combine, general manager Brian Gutekunst said, “Jordan Love is ready to be a starter in the NFL and we would love to see him as a starter in the NFL.”

That was a pretty telling quote all by itself.

Enter Mike Martz, winner of Super Bowl XXXIV as Rams’ offensive coordinator, who came swinging through on a chandelier while speaking to The 33rd Team about Love’s endless potential.

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Mike Martz showers Jordan Love with overwhelming praise

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“From what I’ve seen of this kid, I’d hang onto him. I’d bet the ranch on this guy. I was dumbfounded when I saw him. I think just watching him, I’ve never been so shocked or taken by a guy at first glance, as I was with this Jordan Love.”

Mike Martz on Jordan Love (The33rdTeam)

Between saying he would bet the ranch on Love and using the words “dumbfounded” and “shocked” to describe what he saw; it’s becoming more and more apparent that it might be time to get accustomed to saying, “Packers starting quarterback Jordan Love.”

The strong words from the offensive-minded Martz come with a respected 19 years of NFL coaching experience behind them, and he put his name on the quotes. This isn’t the usual anonymous source nonsense that we so often deal with.

He wasn’t quite done there, either. Here’s the kicker from Martz.

“What he does with the ball is a lot like what Aaron Rodgers does. He’s really quick with it and accurate, like Aaron was … He’s not gonna be overwhelmed by anything because he’s been in the program now for three years, he understands the offense intimately.

Mike Martz on Jordan Love (The33rdTeam)

There’s high praise and then there’s a level of high praise where a four-time NFL MVP resides. And Martz’s extensive words on Love seem to have come from a true place of analysis, rather than someone looking to see their name splashed across headlines.

What’s interesting is Martz also noted that Love has been learning the Packers’ playbook for three years now, just as Rodgers did while waiting in the wings behind Hall of Famer Brett Favre.

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The parallels get even eerier when you look at the pass attempts thrown by Rodgers (59) and Love (83) in their respective first three seasons.

Should he end up getting the starting nod, anyone ready to be up in arms over Love’s lack of in-game reps needs to circle back to see how Rodgers got his green light, and then kick up their feet and take a relaxing deep breath.

Now, all we need to do is find out what Aaron Rodgers actually wants to do with his life in 2023 and — if it’s to keep playing football — where he wants to do it.

Doesn’t sound complicated at all.

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