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Green Bay Packers insider hints team will tell Aaron Rodgers it wants to move on to Jordan Love

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is getting close to making a decision on his future. While whether he plays or not in 2023 is up to him, whether or not he ever suits up in a Packers’ uniform again might now be out of his control.

When Rodgers signed his contract extension in 2022, after contemplating retirement or demanding a trade to the Denver Broncos, the Packers expected him to fully commit to the future. However, the four-time NFL MVP struggled this past season and then left the front office with uncertainty before entering his offseason retreat.

  • Aaron Rodgers contract: $31.62 million cap hit (2023), $40.7 million cap hit (’24), $59.3 million cap hit (’25), $53.45 million cap hit (’26)

Evidently, the Packers’ front office and coaching staff are now ready to make a change. Reports of NFL teams inquiring about trading for Rodgers, it has put the spotlight on the 39-year-old’s looming decision.

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However, the future Hall of Famer might no longer be in control of the process. Even if he goes to the Packers and tells them he wants to come back in 2023, that might not be his choice.

Tom Silverstein of PackersNews.com covered the situation in-depth. Green Bay’s beat reporter believes the Packers are trying to move on from Rodgers and they will tell him that in private conversations when he’s ready.

“It seems evident that the Packers will go into talks with Rodgers laying out their desire for Love to take over

Tom Silverstein on the Green Bay Packers plans with Jordan Love, Aaron Rodgers

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It’s become clear in recent weeks that the relationship between Rodgers and the Packers has deteriorated. After going all-in with the veteran quarterback and sacrificing long-term cap space to try and win a Super Bowl with veterans, Green Bay missed the playoffs this past season.

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Between the outcome that disappointed the entire franchise and the growing frustrations regarding Rodgers’ commitment issues with football, the Packers seem ready to move on. If that’s the case, with the Las Vegas Raiders focused on finding a young quarterback, the New York Jets might be the most viable option for Rodgers to continue his career.

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Regardless of the decision he makes, Green Bay seems poised to start Love this upcoming season. If that’s the case, given the organization’s confidence in him, his fifth-year option for $20.272 million fully guaranteed in 2024 will likely be picked up.