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NFL insider says Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers ‘are destined for a break-up’

The latest news on Aaron Rodgers and what his decision will ultimately be has come from the voice of ESPN NFL reporter Jeff Darlington.

While Darlington doesn’t speak entirely definitively here, there’s plenty of meat to the sandwich.

This feels deeper than just making a comment to get your voice in the conversation and certainly seems pretty damaging for Rodgers.

Here’s what Darlington had to say.

The fact that Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst had even brought up Jordan Love while speaking to reporters at the combine on Tuesday is a telling sign that the team may finally be tired of constantly waiting around on Rodgers and his very particular terms.

Here’s the exact quote Darlington passed on regarding Love.

“Jordan Love is ready to be a starter in the NFL and we would love to see him as a starter in the NFL.”

Packers GM Brian Gutekunst on Jordan Love (H/T Jeff Darlington)

Wow. Put that quote on a billboard and maybe in skywriting too.

The second part of the quote really takes the hammer to the table. The Packers are making their point loud and clear.

Jordan Love is ready, and they’re ready to see him go.

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Aaron Rodgers’ chances of returning to Green Bay feel like a longshot

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers
Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

Darlington went on to say that when Gutekunst was directly asked if he wanted Rodgers to be the Packers’ starting quarterback, the general manager delivered another candid quote.

“We’ll have to have those discussions with Aaron Rodgers and see if he’s the right fit.”

“See if he’s the right fit?” Wow. That sounds like a general manager saying we’re over it, we’ve been over it, and best of luck.

You just don’t typically hear things like that said publically about a four-time NFL MVP. That’s usually anonymous source-type stuff.

But Gutekunst has put his cards on the table and kind of doubled down by including that they’re ready to see Love as an NFL starter.

Knowing Rodgers the way we’ve come to know him, he’s absolutely paying attention to all of this and possibly even taking it very personally.

If anything, No. 12 might take these public quotes so personally, he’ll become more inspired to come back and play next season rather than retire. Seeing it all play out should be fun.

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