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Aaron Rodgers believed to be recently pondering retirement from NFL

After 18 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers could be ready to call it quits. But we’ve been saying this for a few years now as Rodgers tries to determine how he wants to close out the twilight of his NFL career.

Rodgers, if he wants to continue playing, likely has several suitors interested in adding the four-time MVP. But no one really knows what Rodgers is headed for. He hasn’t made a definitive statement either way since emerging from the pits of darkness during his isolation retreat.

One possibility that recently emerged, thanks to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, is the idea that Rodgers is truly considering closing the book on his NFL career. Schefter said, “earlier in the week, there was a school of thought that Aaron Rodgers wanted to retire.” These comments were made on Tuesday, March 7.

Yet, the New York Jets are putting the full-court press on Rodgers by sending a plane to scoop up the QB so they can meet face-to-face. Is this an attempt to convince Rodgers not to retire and to join what may be a roster that’s just a QB away from contention? Having old pal Nathaniel Hackett on hand as their recently hired offensive coordinator should help.

Or maybe Rodgers doesn’t need any convincing at all. Still, the idea that he may ultimately retire instead of chase his second Super Bowl ring continues to lurk. We can’t help but be reminded of his old mentor, Brett Favre, and how his offseason drama persisted in a similar manner. Will he or won’t he? Both the Packers and the Jets likely want a decision made soon.

From the Packers’ and Jets’ perspective, it makes sense that they would want to leave the light on for the future Hall of Fame QB. Unlike their other gunslingers, at least Rodgers has been able to execute at an elite level, for over a decade. That’s why they continue to wait.

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