Joe Theisman says Tony Romo should retire

By Jesse Reed

Joe Theisman can speak with some authority when it comes to quarterbacks and injuries, and he thinks Tony Romo should call it quits.

Speaking on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, Theisman gave his thoughts on Romo’s back injury.

“When I saw him play in Seattle, I saw a guy in harm’s way. When you can’t protect yourself at that position, that concerns me. He’s going to get hit. He’s going to go to the ground. He’s going to hit that shoulder. You don’t know what that next element is. I’m worried about Tony the man.”

This is a conclusion this scribe came to as well back in August when Romo broke a bone in his back (more on that here).

The Dallas Cowboys are eagerly awaiting Romo’s return, however, and are shooting for him to start behind center in Week 8 against the Philadelphia Eagles. That comes after the team’s bye week.

Romo has also made it clear that he’s not thinking about retirement.

In the meantime, Dak Prescott continues to impress. He still hasn’t thrown an interception in 131 attempts — a new NFL record.

Heading into their Week 5 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals at home, the Cowboys sport an impressive 3-1 record. If things continue to move in a positive direction, then Dallas should be in fantastic shape to make a playoff run when Romo returns.