Joe Namath: Geno Smith will start for Jets even if Ryan Fitzpatrick comes back

By Jesse Reed

If you ask Joe Namath, Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t be starting for the New York Jets even if the veteran and the franchise agree on a contract.

Speaking with award-winning New York sportswriter Brian Heyman at the Father of the Year Awards ceremony, Namath gave his vote for another quarterback.

The “VP” stands for Vice President Joe Biden, who was also being honored at the awards ceremony.

Namath’s comment is rather stunning, especially considering the career year Fitzpatrick had in 2015. He passed for 3,905 yards with 31 touchdowns and 15 interceptions, and both of his big outside receivers absolutely adored him for their humongous seasons.

In fact, Brandon Marshall has gone to great lengths to implore the Jets to bring the bearded gunslinger back (watch here).

Furthermore, the Jets have already made it quite clear that the job is Fitzpatrick’s, if he does choose to sign back up with the club.

But at this point, Fitzpatrick isn’t close to coming back with the team. He reportedly said he would rather not play this year than take the offer that is currently on the table. Per multiple reports, that offer includes $12 million guaranteed in 2016 and $6 million for 2017-18, with only the first year being fully guaranteed.

Despite all this, you would be hard pressed to find many who would agree with Namath’s take on the Jets’ quarterback situation. Smith wasn’t exactly a star (understatement of the year) when he did play his first two seasons, completing an abysmal 57.9 percent of his passes with 27 touchdowns and 35 interceptions.

If Fitzpatrick does come back, he will start. But if not, Jets fans should brace for some ugly offensive football this fall.