Janoris Jenkins speaks out about the murder at his house

For the first time since his friend, Roosevelt Rene, was found dead in his New Jersey home, New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins is opening up about the incident.

Jenkins’ brother, William, was ultimately charged with manslaughter following an investigation that concluded that he was responsible for the death.

While the Giants’ corner doesn’t get into too much detail regarding his brother, he is opening up about the death of a good friend.

“Trypps (Rene) was a good friend and we were collaborating on music production together. It truly hurts my heart to know he has passed away,” Jenkins told TMZ Sports.¬†“At the time of the incident I was in Florida preparing to finish off my promotional tour. As this is an ongoing incident, I cannot answer any questions related to the investigation.”

Never a suspect in the murder, Jenkins was in fact in Florida at the time that it happened back in June. At that point, lawyers for the Giants’ defensive back warned him against returning to Jersey. Obviously, that happened behind the scenes as Jenkins’ brother was being identified as the primary suspect.

For Jenkins, this has to be a life-altering situation. His good friend was murdered in his home, and his brother is being charged in the death. We can’t even imagine what he’s going through.