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Green Bay Packers whiffed on several receivers at trade deadline

The Green Bay Packers shockingly decided to trade Davante Adams back in March, and ever since, they’ve seemingly been linked to any and every receiver who’s healthy and even some who aren’t. While the team did add three rookies in the 2022 NFL Draft, none have been able to come close to replacing the production Adams provided.

With a lack of consistent playmakers who can not only win their one-on-one battles but also make clutch catches, the Packers’ offense has struggled greatly, to the tune of scoring just 18.1 points per game, ranking 26th in the NFL.

Meanwhile, back-to-back NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers hasn’t enjoyed his time on the field for the 3-5 Packers this season and has even publically noted his expectations for the front office to add a receiver ahead of the NFL trade deadline. While two of his fellow NFC North division rivals were able to add a capable pass-catcher, the Packers did not.

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Green Bay Packers tried to trade for Chase Claypool and Jerry Jeudy

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But it wasn’t for a lack of offers, as general manager Brian Gutekunst reportedly targeted both Jerry Jeudy and Chase Claypool but did not present an offer strong enough to complete a trade.

According to Benjamin Allbright, the Broncos, if they were going to trade Jeudy at all, were asking for a second-round pick plus a mid-round selection.

As far as Claypool, well, this one is much more fun. We know now that the Chicago Bears, who Aaron Rodgers owns, traded for Claypool, sending their own second-round pick for the 6-foot-4 receiver.

The Steelers also reportedly had an offer from the Packers on the table for Claypool, also for Green Bay’s second-round pick, but Pittsburgh felt Chicago would end up with a worse record in the end. Fair assessment.

Meanwhile, Brandin Cooks of the Houston Texans wasn’t even traded despite desperately wanting a deal. There were receivers out there for the taking. The Packers just weren’t willing to pay the price.

Still, if given the chance, and who knows if the Packers were, why wouldn’t they offer an additional pick for the opportunity to boost their receiving corps and make their QB happy?

Now the pressure for the receivers on hand will only amplify as the season roars on, but for their sake, at least they get to keep their jobs. For a few more weeks, anyway. We’ll look back and see just how big of a mistake the Packers made at the end of the season by not bringing in a proven talent, but for now, it looks like a big miss. Maybe Odell Beckham Jr. can help save the day.

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