Crazy stat shows how frustrating Giancarlo Stanton’s last week has been

Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton has produced some jaw-dropping highlights in his first games as a member of the New York Yankees, but overall the slugger has struggled mightily.

Already, he’s struck out five times in a single game…twice — setting history with this dubious mark. In both cases, Stanton was booed off the field following that fifth strikeout, which perfectly illustrates why you have to have such tough skin to thrive playing in the Big Apple.

Here’s an interesting stat that really highlights what a rough start Stanton has had wearing pinstripes, courtesy of ESPN Stats & Info.

In 10 games this year, Stanton now has 20 strikeouts in just 42 at-bats. That’s not going to get it done going forward. Thankfully Stanton has the right mindset to get through it.

“Just got to look at it as a bad week,” said Stanton after Sunday’s game, per ESPN’s Coley Harvey. “The season’s much longer than a week,” he added. “A couple of good games, and I could turn it around and help us win.”

He’s clearly one of the most dangerous hitters in the game today, but so far it seems clear that Stanton is pressing to make an impact, rather than letting the game come to him.