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Visiting Busch Stadium: This Is What You Need to Know

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Baseball is America’s favorite past-time, and it’s known that watching your favorite team in front of you is far better than watching your team on a screen.

But now adays, it can be stressful to plan and make a trip somewhere even if it’s in your hometown. So, for those that want to take a trip to Busch Stadium, read more to find out everything you need to know about it.

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Where Is Busch Stadium Located?

Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium is located in St. Louis, Missouri. The stadium’s address is 700 Clark Ave, St. Louis, MO 63102.

What Time Do the Gates Open at Busch Stadium?

The gates at Busch Stadium open at noon, and the first pitch is at 3:15 p.m. 

Does Busch Stadium Have a Roof? 

Busch Stadium does not have a roof that covers the entire stadium; it is an open-aired stadium.  

Who Owns the Busch Stadium?

The St. Louis Cardinals own Busch Stadium. 

Who Plays at the Busch Stadium?

The St. Louis Cardinals play at the Busch Stadium.  

What’s the Capacity at Busch Stadium?

Currently there are 44,383 seats available at Busch Stadium, which is their capacity.

When Was Busch Stadium Built? 

Busch Stadium was built on April 4, 2006, which makes it 17 years old. 

What Can You Bring into Busch Stadium?

Unlike some other stadiums, there are more lenient rules when bringing in items to Busch Stadium. You’re allowed to bring in bags, purses and even soft-sided coolers that do not exceed 10″x8″x10″.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages in a factory-sealed plastic bottle no larger than 2 liters is allowed, as well as empty cups, mugs and plastic bottles.

There are several things that are not allowed at the stadium, and if you’re wanting a complete list, check the website, but here are a few key items.

  • Chairs or stools
  • Aerosol containers and cans like sunscreen or hairspray
  • Drones
  • Any weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Commerical camera equipment like video cameras, tripods or monopods
  • Hoverboards, skateboards, roller skates or roller blades
  • Laser pointers
  • Knives longer than 4 inches when unopened
  • Any offensive of obscene clothing

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What Happened to the Old Busch Stadium?

Busch Stadium

The old Busch Stadium, also known as Busch Memorial Stadium, was a multi-purpose sports facility in St. Louis, Missouri that operated from 1966 to 2005, where it was town down for the new stadium.

Now, the stadium serves as a ballpark for the MLB Cardinals.

The new stadium occupies a portion of the former stadium’s footprint, with a commercial area called the Ballpark Village adjacent to the stadium that occupies the rest of that space. The Ballpark Village is used now for dining and entertainment in Downtown St. Louis.

How Much Is Parking at Busch Stadium? 

If you want to park at Busch Stadium, expect to pay between $10 and $40 per spot. Ballpark Village is next to the town and is the most expensive place to park, so fans should arrive early as these lots fill up quickly. 

If you’re looking for a map on how to get into the stadium or where to park, check the official map for more information.

Alternative Transportation

The MetroLink is an alternative to driving and helps avoid traffic congestion. Fans can use one of the 21 free Park-Ride lots along the MetroLink line and take the train to Stadium Station, which is across the stress from the ballpark.

How Much Does Beer Cost at Busch Stadium? 

Beer will cost between $5 and $5.50 at Busch Stadium. It won’t matter what kind of beer you prefer; they will all be $5 or $5.50, whichever beer you choose. 

What to Eat at Busch Stadium? 


If you want to bring in your food, you have to consider the bag policy in order to bring anything in. However, outside food is not permitted in the Cardinals Club, Luxury Suites or any other All-Inclusive areas.

You can get your favorite ballpark food at the stadium. Here is a list of the places you can get food and the sections where they are located. Multiple eating establishments are the same, but these are just a few of your options.

You can check out the food list for the Busch Stadium and plan depending on where you are seated.

  • Asian Action Station, Section 136 
  • Asian action Station Redbird Club, Section 243 
  • Broadway BBQ, Section 109 
  • Gashouse Grill, Section 150
  • El Birdos Nachos, Section 152
  • 8th Street Market, Section 153
  • Bowtie Grill, Section 271
  • Ballpark Favorites, Section 437
  • Terrace Bar, Section 428
  • Budweiser Burger Bar, Section 432
  • Mini Market, Section 442
  • Dizzy’s Diner, Section 446
  • Terrace Market, Section 451

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The Suites at Busch Stadium

For some, going to a ball game is a luxury on its own, but others might want to have a whole party with it. Suites are a great way to celebrate the game with a large group while enjoying catering and drinks in an air-conditioned box. Busch stadium offers several varieties of suites to choose from.

  • Party Suites: This is great for larger groups, as there are several suites that vary in sizes. You have a smoked BBQ buffet like brisket, hot dogs, brats, chicken with salads and desserts as sides. You also have access to a full bar that includes wine, mixed drinks, and beer.
  • Premium Party Suites: This has a more upscale buffer that has enhancements like shrimp, pretzels, desserts and more treats. You have a full-service bar as well, but you also receive additional TVs and 2 Complimentary VIP parking passes.
  • Branchy Rickey Room: This room accommodates up to 30 with a buffet and bar. You also receive complimentary access to Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum before or during the game.
  • Redbird Roost (Owner’s Suite): There is an unlimited buffet with several more dishes like hamburgers, pasta, popcorn, peanuts, and more. You have a bar and private restroom and get to live life in utter luxury.
  • Diamond Suite: And lastly, we have the Diamond Suite which is between 1st and 3rd base. This gives you a personal bartender, private restrooms, indoor air-conditioned social area with covered outdoor stadium seating, 2 VIP lot c Parking passes, unlimited buffet, bar and more. This option only holds 14-30 people at a time.

Best-Rated Hotels That Are Close to Busch Stadium

If you want to go to a game at Busch Stadium, the best-rated hotels are close to the stadium. They are all less than a mile away from the stadium. It is within walking distance. You can save on parking and not have to get there early if you don’t want to. 

What to Do Around Busch Stadium

But for those that want to kill some time but stay close enough to the stadium to make sure they don’t have to drive in chaos, there are several things that you can do in the area to make the trip worthwhile. If you’re looking for activities, check out these.

  • Obviously one amazing location is Ballpark Village which is located across Clark Street from Busch Stadium. There is optional dining, drinks and entertainment, including a 40-foot TV in the Bally Sports Live! area, and live music.
  • Visit the Arch and take a river cruise! You can go up the Arch in St. Louis and take in the breathtaking 360-degree view of the city. There are also riverboat cruises that you can take to get an even more unique look at the Arch.
  • Experience the hauntings of the neighborhood at the Lemp mansion, brewery and Marion Hospital through a tour where you can learn from a paranormal investigator.
  • Explore the City Garden where you can walk around the park and explore the art exhibits.
  • Visit the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum before the game to learn about the heritage of the St. Louis Cardinals and their history. You can see old jerseys, players and the facts that created the team.

What to Eat Around Busch Stadium

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just grab a bite to eat before seeing a game. Not only will this help drink a bit more, but safe money by eating somewhere that probably will cost less for a whole family than grabbing the expensive food at the stadium. Check out some of these great restaurants around the stadium.

  • Cardinals Nation is an American bar with 300 ratings and 4/5 stars.
  • Budweiser Brew House is a brew pub bar that serves American food and can be found really close to the stadium.
  • Three-Sixty is an American restaurant that has 600 reviews with a 4.5/5 rating.
  • Broadway Oyster Bar is an American, Cajun and Creole bar that has over 1,500 reviews with 4.5/5 stars.


Whether you’re looking for a great day solely at the stadium or want to make a day or two trip to St. Louis, there is a lot that you can do at the stadium. From the Hall of Fame and Museum to the Ballpark Village, St. Louis is filled to the brim with fun and exciting activates that will have the family thrilled to go.

The Busch Stadium is one of the newer stadiums which means it’s one of the best ones to go to, especially for those thinking about following their team that are visiting. With everything being so close, especially the hotels, you might as well make the trip.

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