Angel Stadium of Anaheim: What You Need to Know to Make it a Great Day

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The Angel Stadium of Anaheim, also known as simply the Angel Stadium, is a baseball stadium located in Anaheim, California. Watching the Los Angeles Angels provides baseball fans with a chance to watch one of the most talented MLB teams currently.

It also means a trip to Angel Stadium, a ballpark with its own unique elements and details. Before arriving at the ballpark, here’s everything you should know about Angel Stadium.

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Where Is Angel Stadium of Anaheim Located? 

Angel Stadium is in Anaheim, California, in the L.A. metro area. The address is 2000 E Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806. 

Who Plays at Angel Stadium of Anaheim?

From 1980 to 1994, the Angel Stadium hosted the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL, but since 1966, it has served the Los Angeles Angels

Along with baseball and football, the Angel Stadium has also hosted the high school and college football games during it’s time as a football field.

What Is the Capacity at Angel Stadium of Anaheim? 

The capacity is the number of seats, and as of 2019, the capacity has risen from 43,250 all the way to 45,517. The record attendance happened in 1982 during the ALCS game 1 where the capacity hit 64,406.

What Time Do Gates Open at Angel Stadium of Anaheim? 

All gates will open two hours before the start game scheduled. Gate times are subject to change without notice, so stay updated through social media or the sports website.

How Much Is Parking at Angel Stadium of Anaheim?

Parking at Angel Stadium can cost anywhere between $10 to $20. There are three entrances to the Angel Stadium parking lot: Douglass Road, State College Boulevard, and Orangewood Avenue.

The parking lots open two and a half hours before scheduled game time. If you’re wondering the best way to get to the stadium, check out the official website for further instructions to help you have a stress-free ride.

Can You Tailgate at Angel Stadium of Anaheim?

Tailgating is only allowed in general parking, not the preferred area. You can park near the Big A, Orangewood, State College, and Douglass parking lots. On-site catering is not allowed, and no catering trucks. 

The stadium will open two hours prior to the game time at the Home Plate gate, and the parking lot opens two-and-a-half hours prior to game time. If you’re using a barbeque, you are only allowed to use gas and propane unites.

What Is Not Allowed When Tailgating?

Unfortunately, drinking alcohol is illegal when tailgating at the Angel Stadium. The selling of food and beverages is also not allowed.

When preparing food or drinks, make sure that you’re doing it in a safe way. Anything that might be deemed unsafe, hazardous, or pose a threat to guests is not allowed.

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Other Means of Transportation to the Angel Stadium of Anaheim

The ARTIC, or Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, which services the Metrolink Orange County Line and Amtrak Pacific Surfliner is located nearby on the other side of the State Rout 57 and accessed through the Douglass Road gate at the northeast corner of the parking lot.

The station provides access to the stadium, the nearby Honda Center as well as Disneyland.

Can You Watch Batting Practice at Angel Stadium of Anaheim? 

Yes, you can watch batting practice for the Los Angeles Angels. They begin two hours before the game.

Since the gates open 90 minutes before the game, you can catch the Los Angeles Angels at the end of their practice and the opposing team starting. 

Can You Take Food and Water into Angel Stadium of Anaheim? 

Yes, you can bring your food as long as it is contained in a clear plastic bag no larger than one gallon. Guests may bring ins a factory-sealed plastic bottle of water or sports drinks no larger than a liter. The only time you can not bring food is if you’re going into a suite.

However, if you’re in a non-suite seating location, you’re welcome to bring in food as long as it’s not bulk amounts.

What Can You Take to Angel Stadium of Anaheim? 

Purses or bags 12” x 12” with a single zipper or smaller are allowed into the Angel Stadium. Clear plastic or vinyl bags with no obscured interior pockets that do not exceed 12.75” x 6.5” x 12.75” are allowed in. 

Any other bag must be left in your vehicle. The only exception is medically necessary items, including diaper bags.

Items Not Allowed In

There are several items that you’re not allowed to bring in. If you want the full list, please visit the official website for more details. These are a few key items to be aware of though that you might not know.

  • Any aerosol spray cans
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Banners and signs over 3′ x 12′
  • Beach balls or inflatibles
  • Cameras
  • Knives
  • Motocycle helmets
  • Laser pointers
  • Obscene language printed on shirts or signs
  • Pets, except for service animals
  • Weapons of any kind

When Was Angel Stadium of Anaheim Built? 

Angel Stadium of Anaheim was built on April 9, 1966, making it the fourth-oldest active ballpark in the majors, behind Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Dodger Stadium. The Angel Stadium hosted the All-Star Game in 1967, 1989, and 2010.

How Much Are the Suites at Angel Stadium of Anaheim? 

The Suites range from $1,500 to $1500 depending on size, package, and who is playing. You have different types of suites that have unique factors. 

  • Dugout Suites: Located on the Dugout Suite Level, between the Visitors and Angel’s Dugouts, with eye-level home plate views.
  • Legends Suites: Located on the Terrace Level, offering a spectacular view from behind Home Plate. 
  • Club Level Suites: Located on the exclusive Club Level with various sightline options available. In-seat wait service is available for Club Sections 309 – 343. 
  • Triple Play Suites: Located on the exclusive Club Level. It is up to three times the standard size when all three suites listed above are booked. 
  • Party Suites: Located on the exclusive Club Level, offering a spectacular view from the Right and Left fields. Club Level’s exclusive Circle Bars are located just outside the suite. 

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What Is There to Eat at Angel Stadium of Anaheim?

The MLB Ballpark app shows you the menu of all the different places to eat. We have listed just a few places at each level you can expect to see at the stadium. 

Field Level 

  • Sweet Shoppe 109
  • Classic Hits 107
  • Johnnie Walker Market 112
  • La Rotisserie 114
  • Corner Market 123

Terrance Level 

  • Pacifico Porch 207
  • Classic Hits 209
  • Chronic Tacos 211
  • Corner Market 222
  • Strike Zone Chicken 223


  • Oggi’s Pizza 239
  • Nacho Nacho 240
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs 255
  • Casa Modelo Nacho 259

Where Can You Stay Around Angel Stadium of Anaheim?

But sometimes going to a baseball game is a bit more difficult depending on where you live. And for those that want to support your team without driving for hours on end through the night, there are some wonderful hotel options to pick from.

Note that these prices will most likely not be the same as when you book, but this should give you an idea on what you might be looking at. The price is also set for an average of two adults and two children.

  • Ayres Hotel Orange: 1,388 reviews with 4.5/5 stars on Tripadvisor. An average of $170 a night. Located at 200 N the City Dr., Orange, CA. With 2.3 miles away, this is only an 8-minute drive.
  • Candlewood Suites Anaheim – Resort Area: 4.5/5 stars on Tripadvisor with 672 reviews. Located 1733 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA. The average price is $150. This is 11-minutes away with 2.7 miles.
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Anaheim: 4.5/5 stars with 579 on Tripadvisor. Located 100 W. Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA, the average is $160. 2.4 miles away and only an 8-minute drive.
  • Hotel Fera Anaheim: 2,106 reviews with a 4/5 stars on Tripadvisor located 100 The City Dr., Orange, CA. The average is around $170. Again, with only 2.3 miles away, this is a 7-minute drive.

What to Eat Around Angel Stadium of Anaheim?

If you’re looking for places around the Angel Stadium without having to deal with too much of a drive, then check out these great places.

  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co is around a ten-minute drive from the stadium and has a 4/5 rating with 2,244 reviews on Tripadvisor. They are an American, Cajun and Creole restaurant at 321 W Katella Ave Suite 101, Anaheim, CA with an above average price range.
  • The Ranch is an American restaurant and saloon with a high price range, but is still only an 8-minute drive from the stadium. Located at 1025 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA, this is a great choice for those that want a higher dining experience with vegan and vegetarian friendly options.
  • For a more familiar and comfortable choice, there is a Red Robin close by on 12007 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA for those that want to know what they’re getting into.

What to Do Around Angel Stadium of Anaheim?

For a lot of us, going to a baseball or football game is truly a luxury. Not every day can you afford tickets, time off of work, or nail down a great time for the whole family to go. So maybe it’s best to make a weekend trip out of it. But besides seeing a game, what else can you do around the stadium?

  • Of course, there is a Disneyland. While this is substantially much more expensive than a trip to a baseball game, there is an option of going to the Disneyland resort if you want to make an extra special trip more memorable.
  • You can do some whale-watching and Orange County Beaches tour.
  • There is also a Six Flags Magic Mountain if you want to tire your kids out the next day.
  • There are several tours that you can join such as Wine Tours, Hollywood Tours, and even walking around the official Hollywood sign.


The Angel Stadium is one of the oldest stadiums that is currently in use and has quite a history with both football and baseball. The surrounding area is as beautiful as the stadium and is well-worth the visit for those that want to support the home team, or the visiting ones.

Whether you want to make the day trip to tailgate or spend the weekend around Anaheim to support your favorite players, there is certainly enough to do to keep the family entertained.

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