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AFC scout: One NFL Draft QB prospect is ‘second to Tom Brady’ in football IQ

Any time a player or prospect is mentioned in the same light as Tom Brady, people take notice. While in reality, going from an unmentionable sixth-round pick to a Hall of Fame legend who won seven Super Bowls may never happen again.

But Brady developed certain traits over the years that helped him become one of the all-time greats. One of those X-factors included his advanced knowledge of the game, which meant Brady didn’t have to be bigger, stronger, or quicker than his foes. He could simply outsmart his opponents instead.

When looking at the incoming 2023 NFL Draft QB prospects, Bryce Young stands out in a similar manner, according to one AFC scout from an unnamed team.

“It was Bill O’Brien’s offense. (Young’s) like second behind (Tom) Brady in terms of football intelligence. He could handle everything at the line of scrimmage probably like an NFL quarterback. Super poised. He’s accurate. He’s got a good arm — not a great arm, but it’s still good at all the levels. Super poised, too. You just don’t see him rattled. They didn’t lose that Tennessee game because of him.”

AFC scout on Bryce Young’s advanced football IQ

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Obviously, there are plenty of other factors separating Young from Brady. For one, as talented as the former Alabama QB may be, he’ll never be able to recreate that same motivation or drive to improve that Brady experienced, coming into the league as the 199th overall pick, having to prove himself just to make the roster, let alone maintain his starting role over Drew Bledsoe, a Pro Bowl QB.

Young will be handed the starting role from the moment he’s drafted, which puts him well ahead of Brady when it comes to opportunity and job security. But he’ll also be joining one of the worst teams in football, as is customary when you’re one of the top picks in the draft.

While some may see parallels in football IQ between Brady and Young, that’s where the comparisons between the two end. That doesn’t mean the newcomer can’t have a wildly successful career in the pros too.