Brandon Marshall has eyebrow-raising statement about Eli Manning

By Michael Dixon

What does New York Giants receiver Brandon Marshall think about his new quarterback, Eli Manning? It’s tough to say. But he may or may not think that Manning is in the same class as his previous quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Okay, then.

In the interest of fairness, we do have to point out that Marshall was probably joking here. In fact, if 99.9 percent of humans on earth made this comment, we’d say with great certainty that they were joking. With that said, Marshall is in the 0.1 percent that at least leaves some doubt.

Marshall was incredibly loyal to Fitzpatrick during the latter’s contract issues with the New York Jets following the 2015 season.

And to be fair to Marshall, the debate is actually closer than some may think — at least in a few areas. The two have identical 59.7 percent career completion percentages and Manning’s passer rating (83.7) is better, but not immensely superior to Fitzpatrick’s (79.7).

On the other hand, Manning has been a starter for his entire career and has thrown for 48,218 yards — well above Fitzpatrick’s 25,888 mark. Manning also has the bonus of having won two Super Bowls, while Fitzpatrick has never even made the playoffs.

Until we hear more, we’ll give Marshall the benefit of the doubt and say that he was joking. But it’s sure fun to speculate that he might not have been.