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Bart Scott ‘I’d rather play Tom Brady than Peyton Manning’

Andrew Buller-Russ

There are several different ways to debate the impact of all-time great NFL quarterbacks. Some of the most memorable legends of the game over the past few decades include Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

While Brady is still going, breaking more records each year, Manning has been retired for six seasons. Still, it’s not hard to forget just how detail-oriented Manning was when on the gridiron in his heyday.

Imagine being tasked to go up against either player at their peak? Many would argue Brady is the best quarterback of all time. Yet, facing off against Manning brings its own unique challenges simply with the mental games he’d play during pre-snap, with all his audibles that may or may not mean anything at all. Facing off against Manning required you to be at your very best for all 60 minutes, yet Brady has five more rings.

So who would you rather face off against? Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Brady or Manning?

One now-retired player who had the honor of facing off against both future Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks is former NFL linebacker Bart Scott, who played 11 seasons in the AFC, often facing off against Manning or Brady.

In all, Scott played against Manning eight times in his career, including the playoffs. Scott’s teams went 2-6 against Manning. He also played against Brady 11 times, with Scott’s teams going 3-8 against TB12.

Clearly, Scott wasn’t exactly successful against either player, but with Scott only being a part of a playoff organization five times, he wasn’t always on the best team.

But if Scott had to choose, whether he would rather go against Brady or Manning for one game? He’d prefer to play Brady.

It’s an interesting admission, as Brady has more career accomplishments, but based on raw ability, it’s hard to argue against any retired QBs being better than Manning. Not to mention the headaches he’d cause on game day based on his knowledge of the opponent’s tendencies and scheme, much like Brady.

While similar debates like this will rage on for decades, it’s clear Scott would rather take his chances against Brady instead of having to face off against Manning one more time.

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