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Atlanta Falcons expect to land Deshaun Watson, sign him to new deal

Andrew Buller-Russ

Everyone wants to know who will win the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes. As of now, it appears Watson will take his talents from the AFC South to the NFC South, but the question remains, will it be for the Atlanta Falcons or the New Orleans Saints?

The latest news suggests the Falcons are the frontrunners.

According to Josina Anderson of CBS Sports, the ball is in the Falcons’ court in regards to a Watson trade.

Having the “keys to the city” as she says may just simply be the Falcons working with the Houston Texans on the exact trade package needed to complete the deal. Or Matt Ryan’s large salary could be holding up a deal. While it won’t get in the way of a trade, they do need to find a trade partner for the MVP quarterback.

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Deshaun Watson near a decision?

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans
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The last we heard about the big decision Deshaun Watson has to make mentioned him wanting to take the weekend to decide which city he’ll be playing football in during the 2022 season. It’s reportedly the reason Matt Ryan worked with the front office in pushing back his roster bonus from Friday to Tuesday.

If Josina Anderson’s report is correct (we have no reason to believe it isn’t), Watson may have already made up his mind.

Once Watson is traded, as she passes along, he’s expected to receive a contract extension, reaffirming his new franchise’s commitment to him, as if the reported three first-round picks and change won’t be enough.

If the Falcons ultimately land Watson, the next move is for the Falcons to find a trade partner for their franchise QB of the past 14 years. That may be what they’re working on right now.

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