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Visiting American Family Field: This Is What You Need to Know

Amercian Family Field
Amercian Family Field

The American Family Field, also known as Miller Park, is an incredible stadium that all MLB fans should check out at least once in their lives. The Field is one of the largest construction projects in Wisconsin history, costing $290 million.

As one of the most beloved and iconic ballparks in Major League Baseball, this is definitely a trip worth taking. But before you go, it’s crucial to know the ins-and-outs of the park, and what’s surrounding it, to ensure that you know what you’re stepping into and what you should expect. That being said, this is everything you need to know about the American Family Field.

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Where Is the American Family Field?

The American Family Field is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The address to the stadium is 1 Brewers Way, Milwaukee, WI 53214. 

Who plays at American Family Field?

The Milwaukee Brewers play at this Field.

When Was the American Family Field Built?

This Field opened in 2001 as a replacement for the Milwaukee County Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium that was primarily the park for the MLB team as well as the NFL team, the Packers.

What Time Do American Family Field Gates Open?

Gates at American Family Field open 90 minutes before the scheduled start of each game. 

Is the American Family Field Roof Retractable?

Yes! The Field features the only fan-shaped convertible roof, which can open and close in less than 10 minutes. It has panes of glass windows to allow natural light in.

How Much Is the Parking at American Family Field? 

Trying to get to the stadium? Check the map here for clear directions to get to the lot you’re wanting. If you have oversized vehicles like buses, limos or TV, it’ll cost $75 on weekdays and $100 on weekends for the day. For more parking price information, read more to find out.

Weekdays (Monday-Friday):

  • Advance General — $13
  • Advance Preferred — $18
  • Day of Game General — $15
  • Day of Game Preferred — $25

Weekends (Saturday & Sunday):

  • Advance General — $15
  • Advance Preferred — $20
  • Day of Game General — $20
  • Day of Game Preferred — $40

Alternative Transportation

If you’re wanting to avoid the congestion and traffic of getting in and out of a game, try using alternative means of transportation. The public transportation has two bus routes within walking distance of the Field. If you want specifics, please check the official website for more information.

Can You Tailgate at American Family Field?

Fans are welcome to tailgate three hours before the game as long as the rules below are followed. We suggest arriving early, so you have enough to party it out in the parking lot and still make it to batting practice to maybe have the chance to meet some players. 

  • Tailgating is permitted in all lots except employee parking lots and rideshare lot.
  • No trespassing: only ticketholders are permitted in parking lots. The Milwaukee Brewers may prohibit vehicle entry as deemed necessary.
  • Fans who wish to park next to friends must arrive early and at the same time. Parking spaces cannot be reserved or saved for fans arriving later.
  • Tailgating activities must end 30 minutes after the game starts. All fans must enter American Family Field at this time, or they will be required to vacate the premises.
  • Early entry into the parking lots for tailgating is not permitted. Parking lots open three hours in advance of the game.

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What Can You Bring into American Family Field?

There are four different size bags that you and allowed to bring into the American Family Field. The type of bag and size is listed below.

  • Clear Totes – Size 12”x 12” x 6”
  • Clutches/Wristlets – Size 9” x 5” x 2”
  • Bags Used for ADA or Medical Reasons – Size 16” x 16 x 8”
  • Diaper Bags – Size 16” x 16” x 8”

How Much Is a Suite at American Family Field? 

Suites are a great way to spend watching the game. Whether you’re planning a social event with a group of friends, or wanting to take out your employees or clients, there are several suites that would work great for you. These suites vary in pricing depending on the game, the demand, and the suite, but averages around $3,000 all the way to $7,000. Check here for availability.

  • Party Suite: This suite includes 30 tickets, with 20 additional available, and 4 parking passes. Several suites can be combined for larger events and spaces, up to 100 people. You’ll also receive non-alcoholic beverages and food.
  • Club Suite: This includes 20 Tickets, 2 parking passes, non-alcoholic and food included,
  • Executive Suite: This screams luxury and business. With up to five hours of pre-game meeting space, along with board room to hold conversations, this is a great space for the business meetings. It comes with 30 tickets included, with the option to add 10 more. You also get 4 parking passes, and a drink and food menu.
  • X-Golf Suite: This is an insane suite for those that want to enjoy two sports at once. This suite includes 12 tickets, with the option to add 8 more, 2 parking passes, and a drink and food options. You essentially play virtual golf while watching baseball.

Can You Bring Food into American Family Field?

You are allowed to bring food inside the field. We provided a list of all the items aloud inside. 

  • Sealed bottles of water, juice, or soda (32 oz or smaller)
  • Personal size food items (sandwich, small bags of chips, pieces of fruit) 

Is American Family Field Cashless?

The Field is a cashless ballpark. If you want to make a purchase, have your debit or credit card.

How Much Is a Beer at American Family Field?

Beet starts at $7.75 for various local bottles and cans at American Family Field. 

Can You Smoke at the American Family Field?

There is no smoking in any of the seats at the stadium. However, you can find the designated smoking area near the right field on the plaza. 

What To Eat at American Family Field?

There are multiple places to choose from to grab a bite to eat. We have listed the places to eat and the section they are located in. 

  • Aj Bombers Burgers, Sections 107,117,125,210, 228
  • Zaffiro’s Pizza, Sections 103, 123, 208
  • Street-za-Pizza, Sections 123, 208 
  • The Yelit Melt, Section 129 
  • Loaded fries, Section 112

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What to Do at the American Family Field

Several stadiums are a great place to visit, not only because of the game, but because of the history and activities that you can learn and do around. For a few reasons why the Field is one that needs to be included in your list, check out these great examples.

  • The Walk of Fame commemorates some of the greatest names in Milwaukee baseball history. Located on the plaza area outside the ballpark near the statues of Hank Aaron, Robin Yount and Bob Uecker, these plates honors some of the greats.
  • The Selig Experience is an attraction honoring former Brewers owner and Commissioner Emeritus Allan H. Selig. It tells the story of Selig’s role in saving MLB in Milwaukee as well as his efforts to bring the Brewers to the city.
  • Wall of Honor commemorates Milwaukee Brewers players, coaches and executives who meet a set criteria based on service to the organization and/or career accomplishments.

What to Do Around American Family Field

Planning a trip with the family can be tedious, but if planning a few activities is how you can make it to the game every once in a while, then it’s worth it. Here are some of the best things to do around the Field for after the game.

What to Eat Around American Family Field

Eating before the game can not only save a lot of money but prepare you for the party ahead. Check out some of the best stops to grab a bite around the stadium.

Hotels Around American Family Field

If you’re planning on making it a weekend trip, or are coming from out of state, check out some of the best, highly praised hotels near the Field to help you get a great rest before and after the game.


If you’re on the road to check out American Family Field, there are several things to keep in mind before getting there. Between what to expect with parking, seating, and then what kind of food you can have at the stadium, it’s crucial to keep everything on track to make it a great experience.

Thankfully, with this helpful guide, you can get through the weekend trip with ease. From various activities at the Field to how to get around the stadium, you’ll be ready to watch an amazing game in peace.

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