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Visiting Coors Field: This Is What You Need to Know

Visiting Coors Field This Is What You Need to Know
Visiting Coors Field This Is What You Need to Know

The Coors Field in Colorado is one of the most iconic MLB stadiums around and has been standing for over 25 years now. While it’s not the oldest, it’s still one of the best. It’s hosted several All-Star Games as well as even an outdoor hockey game for the 2016 NHL Stadium Series, along with numerous concerts.

If you’re wanting to take a visit to the Field to either see the Colorado Rockies, or just to explore more of Colorado, there are a few things that you might want to know before planning the trip. From the stadium’s ins-and-outs, to what’s around the Field to make your trip worthwhile, this is everything you need to know about the Field.

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Where Is Coors Field? 


Coors Field is in Denver, Colorado. The address is 2001 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205, located two blocks from Union Station.

Who Plays Coors Field? 

The Colorado Rockies play at the field. 

When Was Coors Field Built?

The Field was built April 26, 1995, turning 28 in 2023. The Rockies began at the Mile High Stadium for their first two seasons, but played at the Coors Feild quickly after.

It cost $300 million to build and earned a reputation as a hitter’s park. The field hosted the 1998 MLB All-Star Game and the 2021 MLB All-Star Game, making it one of the most iconic stadiums.

What Is Coors Field Capacity? 

There are currently 46,897 seats in the stadium, however with standing room, the capacity is a total of 50,144 for baseball.

Is Coors Field Covered?

Coors Field is not a covered baseball field. It is the first major sports venue to have a rooftop deck.

How Big Is Coors Field? 

The Coors Field is 76 acres.  The size of the park allows it to have the largest outfield in MLB in terms of dimensions.

How Far Is Coors Field from Downtown Denver?

The Field is only 1.3 miles from Downtown Denver, which is around 11 minutes with light traffic. If you’re wanting to walk, it’s only about .7 miles, which is around 14 minutes, of course depending on your speed.

How Much Is the Parking at Coors Field? 

Advance individual game parking passes are available and start at $18 Monday through Thursday, but $23 Friday through Sunday.

The parking lots open two and a half hours before game time. We suggest arriving early if you want to watch the players practice batting. If you’re looking for a map that will help you with parking, check here for the official map from the website.

Alternative Means of Transportation

If you want to avoid driving in such a crowded, chaotic place, try using other ways of transportation to the Field. The Field is located at 20th and Blake Street, in Denver’s lower downtown/Ballpark Neighborhood.

Try catching light rail or Local or Regional bus routes to get you to your destination, or maybe even bike to the game. Check here if you’re interested in information and tips if you want to try out Uber for the game.

Tailgating at Coors Field

Unfortunately, tailgating is not allowed at the Field. Any consumption of alcohol in the parking lot or inside vehicles is prohibited.

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Why Is Coors Field a Hitter’s Park?

Coors Field is known for being a hitter’s park because of the high altitude, making the baseballs fly farther and pitches break less. 

The Field is at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level, with baseballs traveling farther because of the thin air than at other MLB stadiums.

What Kind of Bag Can You Take Into Coors Field? 

You can only bring soft-sided, single-pocket bags and containers 16″x16″x8″ or smaller to the Filed. All bags are subject to search.

There are certain items that you’re not allowed to carry in with you like aerosol sunscreen, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, noise makers, metal or aluminum cans, confetti or soap bubbles, any weapons or fireworks, and much more.

What Is the Seating Chart at Coors Field?

For all seating information or a map, please check the official website here for all information. You can look at where exactly you’ll be sitting depending on what it says on your ticket.

Your ticket will show the section number, which you can reference the map to find out exactly where you’re going to be and what is around your seats for the most comfortable experience when visiting the Field.

Mountain Ranch Club at the Coors Field

Another way to sit and enjoy the game is at the Mountain Club Ranch, which is a dining experience if you purchase a ticket at either a two- or four-person table. Tables are on the bottom 4 tiers of the restaurant, two of which are outside. You will sit in front of a long glass window and allows you access to the buffet.

For just a one-day visit, it will cost $110 per person to the unlimited buffer, but you can also do a 20-game plan for $90 per person ($3,600 for a 2 top, $7,200 for a four top) or a full season pass at a rate of $80 per person ($12,960 for a 2 top, $25,920 for a four top).

Check here for reservations, rules, hours of operation, dining options, and more.

The Rooftop at the Coors Field

The Rooftop is a standing room area open to all ticketed guests at the Field. Tickets are available for purchase, which include concession and/or merchandise credit. Check here to purchase tickets.

The Rooftop has the Coors Light Silver Bullet Bar, which is a full-service bar specializing in local and national craft beers along with a variety of spirits and wine. There’s a patio outside that gives you the perfect view of the game and scenery.

There is also a Smashburger restaurant that serves American fast-casual hamburgers from the chain founded in Denver, Colorado. And then there’s the Jack Daniel’s Terrance Bar, another full-service bar that features Jack Daniel cocktails, craft beers, and a variety of more spirits and wines. Check here for more information about The Rooftop.

Suites at Coors Field

Similar to the Rooftop or Mountain Ranch Club, there are luxurious ways to spend the day at the Coors Field. If you’re wanting to spruce up your time at the field, or if you’re coming with a large party and want to make it an unforgettable trip. Here are the suites at the Field that can make your visit more memorable.

  • Infield Suites: Completely renovated for the 2023 season, this is a great destination for large groups ranging from 12-60 people. It comes with a food and non-alcoholic beverage package, complimentary parking passes, exclusive suite-holder entrance, and a special scoreboard salute welcoming your group.
  • Super Suites: This has an even higher range room of 12 to 500 guests, and has the same benefits as seen above, however, it does have a retractable glass wall and windows for an open-air experience. You can also reserve the Super Suite Conference Room to make it the best place for client entertainment and employee outing.
  • Summit Party Suites: The Summit Suite is available for parties as little as 12 and as large as 100 with a beverage and food package, exclusive suite-holder entrance, complimentary parking passes and a special scoreboard salute, and is a bit more affordable than the infield suite.
  • Mezzanine Party Suites: Located in right field and is the most affordable option with 16-60 guest, a food and beverage package, and an exclusive entrance.
  • Warning Track Party Room: This is a great suite if you’re ready to party. It’s a large private room located at field level. It holds 30-90 guests and has a food and beverage packages with a private bar setup. While the alcohol is extra, it’s well worth the fun.

If you want more information, or want to reserve any rooms, check here.

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Can You Take Food into Coors Field?

You can take food and non-alcoholic beverages can be taken into the stadium. As long as the food is in sealed containers, it can be taken in. It must be able to fit in your bag as well and stay in the Coors Field regulations with the bags. 

What Are the Food Options at Coors Field? 

Food at any stadium is worth trying. While the prices can be a little bit more demanding, it really serves up the best cuisine around the area. If you’re wanting some suggestions of the best options, I would recommend stopping by these concessions.

  • Helton Burger, Section 153 
  • Infield Greens Salad, Section 120
  • Gluten Friendly, Section 143 
  • Famous Dave’s, Section 152 
  • Biker Jims, Sections 101, 331 
  • Burrito Stand, Section 134 
  • Smash Burger, Section 303 
  • Sandlot, Section 113 
  • Craving Stations, Sections 215, 218, 238, 240 

What to Do Around Coors Field

If you’re wanting to make a trip out of seeing the Field but are not sure what else to do for you or your family, then check out some of these amazing ideas to do around the town. From tours, to sight-seeing, to amazingly fun attractions, these are the best suggestions.

What to Eat Around Coors Field

Tickets to see a game is already pricey, so why not prevent extra costs by eating before you go? Or maybe you drank a bit too much and need to find a restaurant that’s close by to help you get through the night. Either way, here are some of the best places to eat at around the Field.

  • Check out Jackson’s Lodo who is only .1 miles away with a 4/5 rating.
  • Marco’s Coal-Fired is serving amazing Italian with their pizza and is .2 miles away with a 4.5/5 rating.
  • ViewHouse Ballpark is an American bar and grill only .1 miles away and has a 3.5/5 rating.
  • Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs is .2 miles away and is 4.5/5 rating that serves some quick American bites at a decent rate.
  • You can’t miss Buckhorn Exchange, an American restaurant that is a bit pricey, but is worth it with a 4/5 rating, but is 4.7 miles away.

Best-Rated Hotels Near Coors Field 

If you want to stay close to Coors Field, we have listed the best-rated hotels. You will see the hotel’s name, how many miles it is from Coors Field, how many stars it is rated out of five, and the estimated price of a room at the hotel.

It will be listed from the closest hotel to the farthest one away. Each hotel is less than a mile away from Coors Field and only minutes away from the parking garage. 


The Coors Field is one of the most extraordinary MLB stadiums around, and every baseball fan should try to visit at least once if they can. And if it’s possible, it would be great to make a whole weekend trip out of it to explore the great city as well.

Whether you’re here for an evening to enjoy an amazing game, or want to learn more about the town, there is a lot of things that you can do, from suites to tours. Thankfully, now you have everything you need to make the trip that much more enjoyable.

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