With Tony Romo hitting free agency on Thursday, we now have to wonder where he’ll end up going. According to a report, we’ll be wondering for a while.

As a point of reference, Peyton Manning signed with the Broncos on March 21.

It’s a sensible decision for Romo to wait, rather than jump at the first offer.

While Romo’s release has been heavily speculated on for quite some time, there’s no longer even a remote question that he’ll be available. Now teams looking for quarterbacks will even more likely to clear cap space in an attempt to sign him.

The San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins, and Manning’s Denver Broncos have all emerged as teams reportedly interested in Romo. Teams like the Houston Texans would make sense as well, but would need to clear a lot of cap space.

In truth, only a few NFL teams are set at the quarterback position. If Romo is going to wait a while to sign elsewhere, expect nearly any team with any quarterback issues to be discussed in some capacity.