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10 Weird and funny Super Bowl LVII prop bets, including teammates vs. God

This year’s Super Bowl won’t just be the most-watched event in the United States in 2023, but Super Bowl LVII prop bets will bring in huge amounts of money to bookmakers, and just like in years past, they are offering up some funny and downright weird wagers to place your money on.

The Super Bowl is a national event each February that brings people from all walks of life and levels of NFL fandom together to take in the NFL Championship game. It also brings out some odd prop bet options when it comes to the big game.

The Super Bowl LVII prop bets at various sites this week are no different, with pairings of LeBron James and Jalen Hurts, to thanking teammates or God first.

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With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the funniest and oddest Super Bowl LVII prop bets ahead of Sunday’s titanic matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.

LeBron James’ stat sheet totals vs. Jalen Hurts’ rushing yards

super bowl lvii prop bets
Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more interesting Super Bowl LVII prop bets pits NBA icon Lebron James against MVP finalist and Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.

On the Saturday before the football championship, James faces the Golden State Warriors. On one site fans can bet if the All-Star tallies more combined points, rebounds, and assists than the QB does rushing yards. The Lakers star’s number would place him around 46 for the night, while the talented running QB averaged just over 36 yards per game in 2022-2023.

Travis Kelce’s receiving yards vs. Jason Kelce snaps at Super Bowl LVII

One of the big stories of this year’s Super Bowl is of the Kelce brothers being on opposing sides for the game. Well, they are also being placed against each other in one Super Bowl prop bet. Where you can either wager on the receiving yards Pro Bowl Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce accumulates, or the number of snaps Jason Kelce delivers to Eagles QB Jalen Hurts.

The Kansas City Star is averaging around 79 yards per game and is a -6.5 favorite to beat his brother.

Scoring drive time vs. national anthem length

super bowl lvii prop bets
Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This year’s Super Bowl national anthem will be sung by eight-time Grammy Award winner Chris Stapleton. While there are many bets on the length of his version of the song (over two minutes is the favorite), one oddsmaker is pitting the anthem length against one of the Super Bowl offenses.

With the Chiefs and Eagles having talented offensive units, either squad is a -180 favorite to have a faster scoring drive than Stapleton belts out the national anthem in 2023.

Super Bowl LVII prop bets for MVP speech first acknowledgments

Winning the Super Bowl is a major achievement on any NFL player’s resume, and there are tons of bets on who will win that honor in 2023, however, one of the best MVP-related bets is on who the eventual winner will thank first when accepting the award.

As of now, their teammates (-135) is the favorite, followed by the almighty (God +150), their team’s home city, and then family members. There is even a +1600 bet that the player mentions something other than the top six options.

What team colors will Drake wear?

super bowl lvii prop bets
Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Hip-hop star Drake’s interest in pro sports and massive bets on them is well-documented. However, bookmaker Bovada has a bet on which Super Bowl LVII team he will sport the colors of on Sunday. As of now, the Kansas City Chiefs are a sizable favorite at -215, with the Eagles as a +245 betting underdog.

Will Rihanna have a wardrobe malfunction in the Super Bowl halftime show?

The halftime show for Super Bowl XXXVIII forever put “wardrobe malfunction” into the lexicon of the English language. Janet Jackson’s scandalous moment where her nipple was momentarily visible to the world during her performance will never be topped or forgotten by fans of the event.

However, one of the more hilarious Super Bowl LVII prop bets is a wager on if this year’s performer, Rihana, will have the same “wardrobe malfunction.” Unfortunately, for admirers of the superstar singer, a malfunction not happening is a massive -2500 favorite.

Will Rihanna expose her butt cheek on stage?

super bowl lvii prop bets
Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While Rihanna is unlikely to show off her bare bosom, there is a Super Bowl LVII bet on if the 34-year-old might showcase her ample posterior during halftime. That possibility is actually the favorite with it being a -120 bet ahead of Sunday’s game.

How many times will Tom Brady be mentioned during Super Bowl 57?

It is hard to think of a Super Bowl and not think of Tom Brady. The NFL icon has been to 10 games over the last 20-plus years.

While he won’t be at this year’s matchup — or any others after retiring this month — there are Super Bowl LVII prop bets on him actually being mentioned during the game. One site has the over-under for “Tom Brady mentions” set at 1.5.

Results of the Puppy Bowl

super bowl lvii prop bets
Credit: USA Today Network

One of the truly biggest and most important Super Bowl LVII prop bets (thick layer of sarcasm and all) is picking the winner of this year’s annual Puppy Bowl. The clash of titans that Animal Planet offers up every February will see Team Fluff vs. Team Ruff this Sunday. If that wager isn’t thrilling enough, there are also bets on the genders of the Puppy Bowl MVP.

Connor McDavid points vs Patrick Mahomes TD passes

In the same vein as James vs. Hurts, there is an NHL vs. NFL prop bet pitting Edmonton Oilers superstar Connor McDavid against Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes.

One wager will be on how many points McDavid tallies in the team’s 12:30 PM matchup against the Canadiens versus the number of touchdowns Mahomes scores on Sunday night. The NFL MVP is a -140 favorite to the man that already has scored 94 points so far this season.