Yankees fans continue to relentlessly boo Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton is still trying to win over New York Yankees fans. The 2018 season has already featured some rough spots with Stanton and his new home fans. Tuesday evening brought another.

Stanton was booed after hitting a double play in Tuesday’s first at-bat against the Miami Marlins — his former team. His second at-bat starting in a promising way. Stanton worked a 3-0 count against Jarlin Garcia. Garcia threw a strike to make the count 3-1. Stanton then took a big swing on what looked like a very hittable 3-1 pitch, but only managed a pop out to second. The Bronx faithful made their displeasure known.

With the 0-for-2 start to Tuesday’s game, Stanton dropped to .203/.301/.422 on the season.

The good news is that Stanton has plenty of time to turn things around. But given that Stanton was brought in to bolster a team that very nearly reached the World Series without him a season ago, New York fans aren’t likely to be too patient.