Wisconsin bar served free beer until Packers scored on Sunday

Well, this didn’t end too swimmingly for the Bavarian Bierhaus in Milwaukee on Sunday. The bar ran a promotion during the Green Bay Packers’ game against the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday.

The promotion included handing out free beers to patrons until the Packers scored a point. Ultimately, Green Bay was shut out for the first time since 2006. That’s a whole heck of a lot of free beer.

According to a local NBC News affiliate in Milwaukee, Bavarian Bierhaus ended up serving between 275 and 300 free glasses of beer.

Despite this, General Manager Scott Bell doesn’t plan on ending the promotion any time soon. He’s also pretty happy that fans didn’t consume too much brew during the promotion.

“Wisconsinites and Packers fans are at least somewhat responsible,” Bell said.

It could get tricky this upcoming Sunday against an 8-2 Pittsburgh Steelers team. The promotion started when former MVP Aaron Rodgers was under center. Now that Rodgers is injured and Brett Hundley continues to struggle under center, this could prove to be a costly promotion.