WATCH: Twins’ break another MLB HR record in grand fashion

The Minnesota Twins have hit the ball far this season. They’ve hit it hard this season. None of that compares to what veteran Miguel Sano did to Chicago White Sox pitcher Ross Detwiler in the third inning of Tuesday’s game.

Listen to the ball off the bat. Look at Detwiler after it left Sano’s bat. The ball traveled an absurd 482 feet with an exit velocity of 113 MPH.

This represented Sano’s 30th homer of the season. He’s now the fifth member of the Twins to reach that plateau this season, which represents a MLB record.

Minnesota has already broken the single-season mark for homers with time to spare. It’s now in a battle with others to maintain that mark until the season ends a week from Sunday.

Either way, this might by the most impressive of all of Minnesota’s homers this season. What an incredible blast.