WATCH: Tom Brady ramping up the ‘everybody thinks we suck’ narrative

Tom Brady
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady is about to be an underdog for the first time since 2015 when the New England Patriots head to Arrowhead for a date with the Kansas City Chiefs.

He and the Pats absolutely demolished the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, and after the game the quarterback showed just how much he’s been absorbing all the negative headlines about how he and the New England dynasty is supposedly dead.

Then, he posted a message on his Instagram page, noting he’s “Still here.”


Then on Monday morning, he once again played up the, “See? We’re not dead and you can keep thinking we’re dead but we’re not going away any time soon” card to the max.


For those who might not recognize the song playing in the previous video, it’s 50 Cent’s “Many Men,” which deals with the rappers multiple near-death experiences and the perception he has a price tag on his head.

It’s worth pointing out that Brady absolutely did not just casually, incidentally choose this song — it was a pointed message.

And quite honestly, that’s great for him but it’s kind of tired at this point for those of us who never bought all the negative press during the offseason to begin with.

Yes, Tom. You’re the GOAT. And the current iteration of the Patriots are the most successful dynasty in the history of the modern NFL.

Nobody in their right mind is counting Brady and the Pats out of this coming weekend’s AFC Championship Game against the Chiefs. That would be absurd. When Brady and Belichick are involved, winning is never NOT an option.