WATCH: Paul George and LeBron James trade dunks on each other

The Cleveland Cavaliers are hostingtĀ the Indiana Pacers Sunday, which pitted Paul George against LeBron James. The two stars did not disappoint.

Early in the game, George crossed over James then took the ball right to the rack with a one-handed dunk to finish off the play. Not long afterwards, James responded with a similar move, finishing his drive with two hands.

Here’s the exchange.

It was just a tremendous man-on-man battle in a heated game against teams that very well could be facing off in the first round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs. Indiana entered the game tied up with the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat for one of the two final playoff spots in the east. Cleveland, after its latest slump, is in second place behind the Boston Celtics.

The final days of the 2016-17 regular season will see both teams fighting hard to finish strong. One player who could potentially help the Pacers get into the postseason is Lance Stephenson, who had an interesting comparison to an NBA legend regarding his return with Indiana.

And, we add as a final thought, it’s awfully good seeing George at his best again after his brutal leg injury.