WATCH: Mariah Musselman interviewing Sister Jean is the sweetest thing ever

Two of the 2018 NCAA Tournament darlings came together for a get together that was sweeter than pie when Mariah Musselman interviewed Sister Jean ahead of Thursday night’s Sweet 16 game pitting Nevada against Loyola-Chicago.

Mariah — daughter of Nevada head coach Eric Musselman — has gained fame for her adorable interviews. Sister Jean — a 98-year-old nun — has become an international sensation for her exploits as the team chaplain for the Ramblers.

Mariah explaining “going viral” to Sister Jean was priceless. They had a really great rapport throughout the four-minute interview, and it’s clear that Mariah is a natural in front of the camera. She’s going places.

It’s a shame one of these fine ladies will be heading home after the game Thursday night.