WATCH: LeBron James Jr. hits three from bench, promptly yells ‘Steph’

By Vincent Frank
Wikimedia Commons // Tim Shelby

Bronny James might very well end up playing against Stephen Curry in the NBA. The now-famous son of LeBron James is already slated to join other second-generation stars at a basketball powerhouse in Southern California.

LBJ Jr. will likely be a top college basketball recruit at some point soon. He’s just that talented.

We saw this first-hand Thursday when Bronny hit a shot from the bench. He proceeded to yell “Steph” in paying homage to Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

It’s pretty amazing.

We’re not going to lie. That was some sexy stuff from the teenager right there.

It’s going to be a blast to see Bronny suit up with Dwyane Wade’s son, Zaire, for Sierra Canyon High School this coming season.