WATCH: Kings fan offers underage Harry Giles adult beverage

Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

When you get hit in the face, it’s nice to have a cold beer right there waiting for you to help take the sting off and relax a bit.

Unfortunately for Sacramento Kings power forward Harry Giles, the 20-year-old had to turn down a fan’s friendly offer of an alcoholic beverage.

During Thursday’s game against the Charlotte Hornets, Giles got hit the face and had to walk off for a moment to recover and gather himself. As he bent down and gathered himself by the stands, one fan offered the 20-year-old a beer.

Giles did not take the beer, though he was able to recover and stay in the game. He’ll have to wait a little while longer before he can take a nice alcoholic beverage from a fan.

Given Sacramento’s regular season ends on April 10 and Giles’ 21st birthday isn’t until April 22, Sacramento will need to make the playoffs so he can accept a free beer from a fan.