WATCH: John Elway botches Case Keenum’s name at intro presser

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Case Keenum Monday Night Football

Way to go, Mr. Elway. You only had one job. That job was to announce your new quarterback without messing his name up.

Elway failed big here and introduced his new starting quarterback Case “Keesum.”


Luckily, Elway quickly corrected himself and exited the stage stat, allowing Keenum to address the press.

That was not a very smooth move for a GM in Elway who will now live on in the never-ending meme and GIF worlds.

In any event, Keenum is now the man that Denver will ask to help the team overcome its recent struggles at quarterback. He arrives in Denver after producing an 11-3 record with the Minnesota Vikings en route to taking the team to the NFC Championship Game.