WATCH: Joel Embiid, Marcus Morris get into scuffle, Embiid blocks his shot moments later

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

If Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid had any built-up frustration after hearing boos from his home crowd on Tuesday night, he took it out on Los Angeles Clippers forward Marcus Morris.

When Embiid tried to grab a pass in the fourth quarter, Morris’ arm interlocked with Embiid and prevented him from grabbing it. The move clearly ticked off Embiid, who gave a slight push to Morris and then received an even bigger shove from him. As tempers started to escalate even further, a referee stepped in and separated the two.

Both players were hit with technical fouls for the scuffle. Embiid took it personally and seemed determined to get revenge against his foe. That chance came seconds later when Morris challenged the All-Star center with a drive to the hoop. Embiid didn’t mess around, unleashing a block that sent both players tumbling to the court and had the arena rocking.

Needless to say, Embiid got the fans back on his side in a big way. He finished the night with 26 points and helped deliver a huge win against the Los Angeles Clippers. Let’s see if this is the moment that turns the season around for everyone in Philadelphia.