WATCH: Japanese high school team wins game following insane squeeze

By Michael Dixon

A common complaint about modern baseball is that there are too many home runs, walks, and strikeouts. We just don’t see enough balls in play. If you subscribe to that way of thinking, you’ll love the play executed by Kanaashi Nogyo High School in Japan.

Kanaashi Nogyo, who trailed Omi Brotherhood High School 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth, loaded the bases with no outs. At that point, Kanaashi Nogyo put the pressure on its opponent, going for a suicide squeeze. It went better than expected. The Omi Brotherhood third baseman had no play at the plate and opted for the easy out at first. Unfortunately, he forgot to check the trail runner.

That’s just perfect execution from the Kanaashi Nogyo players, especially that trail runner. That play only works if he’s hustling around the bases.