Watch: Highlights from 10 memorable NFL training camp brawls

NFL training camps are full of dozens of ultra-competitive players, and there are bound to be some skirmishes once the pads are on and the guys are playing at full contact.

All it takes is a couple of heated tempers to flair before the angry words start spewing, leading to some thrown punches and then a full-on brawl in certain cases.

Here are some highlights of some recent training camp fights beginning with this brawl which kicked off the 2015 training camp preseason.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant vs. cornerback Tyler Patmon

These two go at it and even rip each others’ helmet in this sideline battle. As for Bryant, it doesn’t take much to get his blood boiling which Patmon must have triggered with some flippant comment. Nevertheless, the crowd goes wild, cheering on the fight until teammates come to the rescue and bust it up.

Washington Redskins vs. Houston Texans

Who thought a joint practice was a good idea between these two teams? It didn’t take long before a little brawl turned into a massive free-for-all that eventually spilled onto both of the practice fields being used at Monday’s practice. Chaos was in high abundance after this bar-room brawl.

Carolina Panters quarterback Cam Newton vs. cornerback Josh Norman

No one ever wants to see their franchise quarterback involved in a fight. This is what happened Monday in practice when Newton had a ball intercepted by cornerback Josh Norman. Newton chased Norman, who stiff-armed him away. The two became aggressive as they tumbled to the ground. Teammates had to help separate the two and calm both guys down.

Dallas Cowboys cornerback B.W. Webb vs. an Oakland Raiders fan

This fight took place in 2013 at a joint practice session between the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders. Some chaos broke out that eventually made its way into the sidelines where a Raiders fan hit Webb with a helmet. Webb returned the favor by smacking the fan. Needless to say that didn’t help the intensity of the situation one bit.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman vs. his whole team

Sherman must have been in an incredibly bad mood in this 2013 training camp eruption that started in a skirmish with wide receiver Doug Baldwin. After Baldwin, Sherman went after other players including former wide receiver Phil Bates to take out his frustrations. Boys will be boys in this case.

The Green Bay Packers vs. themselves

This friendly team scrimmage had the members of the Packers turning on each other right and left. There really appears to be no clear winner or loser in the multiple battles that continuously had to be busted up by the coaches.

Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett vs. cornerback Kyle Fuller 

Fuller makes a quick, high hit to Bennett after he catches a pass in a 2014 scrimmage. Not done with the play and not so happy about being thrown to the ground by a rookie, Bennett blindsides Fuller and tackles him down. It took a few teammates to pry the bully Bennett away from the first-year cornerback.

Running back LeGarrette Blount vs. former Tennessee Titans teammate, linebacker Eric Bakhtiari

This scuttle got heated quickly and resulted in Blount landing a front hook right into Bakhtiari’s face. There was plenty of ooohing and colorful language as we can tell by the bleeping that had to be done to make this video viewable to the general public.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown vs. Buffalo Bills tackle Kyle Williams

This 2014 training camp fight featured Brown hitting Williams in the helmet. Sadly, the crowd cheered on and we can make out someone shouting “smack his head off”, or something to that effect. Williams, who is a 300 pound defensive tackle apparently took it easy on Brown who only weights 180 pounds.

49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks vs. cornerback Shawntae Spencer

Watch Spencer tip Brooks just a bit too hard sending the linebacker into a tailspin on the ground. Brooks retaliates by coming up to Spencer and clocking him a good one in the face.

These brawls, while sometimes a bit comical to watch, can get out of hand sometimes. Thankfully, most of the time the guys are in full gear when those tempers begin to flare and things heat up from time to time on the practice field.

Let’s just hope in Newton’s situation as showcased above, that it doesn’t start a precedent for valuable and precious franchise quarterbacks to start showing off their boxing skills while on the field.