WATCH: Fight on Radio Row at Super Bowl

Some of the biggest egos in the sports media world have headed to Radio Row at the Super Bowl, and a couple of guys from the Houston market had a screaming match.

Seth Payne, who played in the NFL for 10 years, touted his show’s rating over Josh Innes. Meanwhile, popular local reporter John McClain of theĀ Houston Chronicle occcupies himself on his phone during the argument.

The Kirk & Callahan Show shared the video, which is pretty embarrassing for both sides.

In the following moments, Payne said InnesĀ “came after us. Stuck his phone in my face while we were on air.” Innes simply retweeted the video.

Regardless of how the involved parties view the incident and who was “right” or “wrong,” it’s such a childish spat. They’ll garner some attention, and maybe that’s all that mattered anyway.