WATCH: Emmanuel Sanders comes up with clutch catches

Denver Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders came up absolutely huge late in the fourth quarter with an impossible catch to tie the game.

Joe Flacco threw it where only Sanders could possibly come down with the ball. The receiver leaped into the air and somehow got both hands on it, then came down in bounds (barely) for the score.

Here’s a still image that shows just how remarkable this catch was.

Now check out the video, which is just awe-inspiring.

After all that, Vic Fangio decided to go for two to attempt winning the game but had the offense get called for a delay-of-game penalty. He put the field goal unit onto the field, and the kick went wide right. Only, instead of winning the game, the Bears were called for an offsides penalty.

Fangio rolled the dice and Sanders came up huge once more, catching the two-point conversion attempt to win the game for the Broncos.


Just a wild sequence.