WATCH: Eastern Washington pulls off insane trick-play TD in FCS title game

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Eastern Washington Eagles were down by two touchdowns late in the second quarter of the FCS title game when they got bold on fourth-and-goal. Lined up for a field goal, they pulled off an incredible trick-play touchdown that you really must see to believe.

Gunner Talkington received the long snap and appeared to be putting the ball down for the kick. Instead, he deftly pitched it to to Jayce Gilder, who was streaking across the line on a sort of jet sweep. He dove into the end zone for the remarkable score.

This play did get reviewed, because Gilder’s elbow did hit the ground very close to the point where the ball crossed the plane of the end zone. However, the review upheld the initial ruling of a touchdown, and suddenly the Eagles were right in this game, down 17-10.