WATCH: Dolphins completely botch kick return for second straight week

Courtesy of USA Today Images

The Miami Dolphins might be looking for new kick returners because the current guys aren’t doing the job correctly.

One week after Damien Williams mishandled the ball and fell down at the 1-yard line—which led to a safety—Jarvis Landry messed up in a big way.

After Dez Bryant caught a touchdown from Tony Romo to give the Dallas Cowboys a 21-14 lead, Landry nonchalantly watched a kickoff bounce in the end zone. But the ball had backspin, went into the field of play and Landry fell on it inside the five.

In high school and college, a kickoff that bounces in the end zone is automatically a touchback. At the professional level, however, the ball is live until a player takes a knee. Had the Cowboys jumped on the ball, it could’ve been a remarkably easy touchdown.

Dallas forced a three-and-out, gained terrific field position and ultimately notched a field goal to grab a 10-point advantage.

Long story short, the Dolphins need their special teams to be especially good—not unbelievably awful.