WATCH: DeMarcus Ware sings ‘Purple Rain’

By Vincent Frank

Immediately after the tragic death of pop icon Prince back in April, the entire sports world responded with some tremendous tributes.

Prince, born in Minnesota, represented that state’s sports fandom to a T. In fact, Prince was in talks to host the first ever concert at the newly constructed home of the Minnesota Vikings shortly before his death at the young age of 57.

So it’s not necessarily a huge surprise that the tributes are still coming inĀ almost two months after his death.

In what might be the best tribute to date, Denver Broncos pass rusher DeMarcus Ware just recently sang a rendition of “Purple Rain” with his old high school band during a fundraising event at Mile High Stadium in Denver.

Yes, you read that right. Ware got the old group back together for this great charity event, doing his best impersonation of Prince in the process.

We have to say, it wasn’t too shabby at all. Ware may not have a career in music after his football days end, but he surely didn’t make a fool of himself here.