Watch: Cam Newton Carries Woman Across Muddy Track At Preakness Stakes

By Jesse Reed

Maybe Cam Newton really is Superman after all.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback wasn’t wearing an “S” on his chest at the Preakness Stakes, but he did manage to make a heroic gesture. After a significant amount of rain fell on the track at the Pimlico Race Course, Newton was seen carrying a woman across the muddy track.

It was a moment of pure chivalry.

American Pharoah ended up winning the Preakness Stakes by a mile over the field before this occurred.

Here is the video, first posted by the Preakness Stakes media team on Snapchat (h/t

As you can clearly see, the track is a muddy mess. The woman being carried by Newton was saved from an embarrassing fate. Thanks to his kindness, she was able to watch the race in comfort and style, rather than dealing with a muddy dress.

Newton seemingly had a wonderful time throughout the day.

Looking dapper, Newton wore pure white pants and a white shirt with a bright pink jacket and stunning shoes.

Here are a few shots with him mingling with others who attended the big race:

You can be sure those white pants weren’t all white after his show of chivalry, and those gorgeous shoes surely suffered a blow. But it seems Newton could care less about looking good when a lady’s honor is at stake.

And we laud him for it.

Photo: Instagram