WATCH: Blake Griffin pegs Dennis Schroder in back of head, lands techical

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Griffin either has poor aim or a latent sense of underlying comedic genius, because his alleged attempt to pass the ball to a ref Sunday resulted in Dennis Schroeder taking one in the back of the noggin.


It was a pretty funny scene, especially when Schroeder turned around wondering why.

Granted, the ref was in front of Schroeder, but can we really believe Blake wasn’t at least subconsciously aiming for Schroeder’s dome?

After all, he was just called for a foul and was pretty ticked off about it. Then, adding to his frustration, he was hit with a technical for his hit on Schroeder. Based on what we saw yesterday when he played against his former teammates, it’s pretty clear Griffin is feeling extra salty after being traded to Detroit.