WATCH: Actor Michael Ealy butchers Redskins pick announcement

By Michael Dixon

Actor Michael Ealy didn’t take center stage at the 2017 NFL Draft for long, but he sure made an impression when announcing the Washington Redskins selection of┬áSamaje Perine.

Well, Ealy gave us a few things to focus on here.

One, a day after Detroit Lions great Lem Barney took us into the future by announcing a selection in the 20017 NFL Draft, Ealy went back in time and took us to the 217 NFL Draft.

Two, we understand that Perine’s name can be tricky. But if Ealy was going to announce it in such a bold way, he probably should have taken a few seconds to learn how to pronounce it. Instead, he botched Perine’s first and last name.

If Ealy is a true “diehard Redskins fan,” he’ll at least he’ll have time to learn Perine’s name.