If he wants, Drew Brees can negotiate with other teams on Monday

Drew Brees

We’ve all been assuming that Drew Brees will sign with the New Orleans Saints for the 2018 NFL season. He said he wants to be back, and the Saints have made it clear they plan on bringing him back.

But if Brees wants to explore his options, he can do so starting on Monday, according to both the NFL and NFLPA.

Previously, Nick Underhill of The Advocate had reported that Brees was going to be unable to negotiate any deals with other teams until March 14 when his current deal voids.

We already know of one prominent player on a team in need of a quarterback that has lobbied hard to bring Brees on board. No doubt, other teams would love to at least try luring Brees with a big-money deal, too.

It’s going to be fascinating to see if anything comes out of this, or if Brees truly is dedicated to the Who Dat Nation, even if he won’t make as much money as other top quarterbacks.