Von Miller wants to join the Warriors, too?

Von Miller wants to get paid. He’d love to get paid the kind of salaries NBA players are getting these days, no doubt. And since the Golden State Warriors have already assembled a super team, he doesn’t seem to mind the idea of jumping on board that train.


One wonders if John Elway was cropped out of this picture. We kid, we kid.

In fact, Miller and Elway spoke on the phone over the weekend after Elway initiated, and the two sides are getting back to the table to try and negotiate a new contract.

If nothing happens by the July 15 deadline, then Miller will either have to sign his franchise tag or hold true to his threat to sit out the season (more on that here).

Until then, at least we can all amuse ourselves with his sense of humor. I mean, he’d have NO shot at making it off Golden State’s bench, right?