Vikings still don’t know if Teddy Bridgewater will ever play again

Teddy Bridgewater Vikings

With so much positive news coming out about the rehabilitation of Teddy Bridgewater, the Minnesota Vikings continue to stay grounded.

Bridgewater wasn’t at practice Wednesday. Instead, he was in Dallas, where he received positive news during a visit with his doctor. This development was preceded by the team releasing an encouraging video on Tuesday that showed the quarterback dropping back to pass during OTAs (watch here).

The move to release the video was a calculated one, as Vikings general manager Rick Spielman explained.

“…I knew it was going to be a question, ‘Why is Teddy not at practice (Wednesday)?’ We wanted to at least put something out there to show that this is part of his rehab and part of his rehab program, and give you guys an opportunity because you won’t be able to see (Wednesday) what he was able to do (Tuesday),” Spielman said, via Chris Tomasson of pioneerpress.com.

Spielman wouldn’t divulge what is next for Bridgewater, and he made it clear the team still isn’t 100-percent sure its quarterback will ever be able to make a return to play in games.

“All I know is right now we’re all focused and Teddy is focused on rehabbing and getting ready as quickly as he can,” Spielman said. “This entire organization (is) just hoping that eventually he’ll be able to come back on the field, but that’s still the unknown.”

Based on everything we’ve seen in recent months, there’s little reason to think that Bridgewater cannot get back to starting at some point. However, Spielman’s comments bring us back down to earth a bit and remind us just how serious the injury was to the quarterback’s knee.

Clearly, everyone in the Vikings organization wants nothing more than to see Bridgewater make a return to action. Hopefully he’ll be able to make it happen.