Tyreek Hill loses custody of child amid investigation into abuse

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill was seen entering a Kansas family court on Wednesday.

According to various reports, the court date was to both check in on the welfare of his child and deem whether Hill’s home was a safe place for said child to return.

Now, according to KCTV 5 in Missouri, Hill has temporarily lost custody of his child, pending further court action.

Hill, 25, is currently being investigated for multiple cases of alleged child abuse in his Kansas house earlier this year. Despite this, the Pro Bowl receiver joined the Chiefs during the start of their off-season program earlier in the week.

There’s not much more information regarding the status of this case. Though, it seems that Hill losing custody of his child has been weeks in the making.

“On April 5, we first saw Hill enter the Johnson County Courthouse. Hill’s attorney told KCTV5 ‘no comment’ before Hill went before a family court judge that day,” the report noted. “Multiple sources confirm to KCTV5 that was an emergency hearing and Hill’s child was temporarily placed in another home, pending further court action.”

We’re obviously going to hear a lot more on this story as it develops. For now, it’s important to withhold judgement. That’s especially true given that the facts of this case are not public record.