Twitter reacts to ‘GM LeBron’ making moves in LA

The Los Angeles Lakers came out swinging in the hours after landing the biggest fish of them all in LeBron James, who inked a four-year deal worth $154 million.

It all happened so quickly, too. First, none other than self-proclaimed LeBron stopper Lance Stephenson followed James to Los Angeles in a move that was reported Sunday evening.

Then Monday it was reported that Los Angeles renounced burgeoning star Julius Randle, making him an unrestricted free agent. Then moments later, Rajon Rondo was reported as having signed a one-year deal to join LeBron James and Co.

The best part is that these moves are likely just leading to another huge move.

“GM Lebron is clearly making moves,” seems to be the general sentiment out there on social media.

And we must say, there’s not a lot of faith out there that this is going to work out well.