Twitter reacts after Chiefs do the right thing, release Kareem Hunt

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs took a while to publicly announce their decision, but in the end they did the right thing releasing Kareem Hunt Friday night.

The team said in the statement released announcing his release that Hunt was not truthful about what happened back in February when he was accused of attacking a woman outside his apartment.

Video emerged Friday that confirmed he did, in fact attack her, and that he even went so far as to kick her while she was on the ground.

For hours on Friday neither the Chiefs nor the NFL made any kind of statement about the matter, leading many to wonder if this was going to be another case of the league pretending to care but not really doing anything to stand up against violence toward women.

Thankfully the Chiefs did end up doing the only thing that makes any sense, which is to cut ties with Hunt after this incident.

Twitter users had some strong reactions to the move.

Now comes the next test. Will another team pick him up, a la Reuben Foster?