Tony Romo Attempts to Sneak Into Practice Wearing Caleb Hanie Jersey

Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo is not supposed to be practicing, so he tried to pull a fast one and sneak into practice wearing Caleb Hanie’s jersey.

Romo, however, wasn’t sly enough to fool head coach Jason Garrett, as he noticed that Hanie’s jersey was fitting a bit too snug. Backup quarterback Brandon Weeden was apparently hit up too by Romo to switch jerseys, but his didn’t even come close to fitting Romo who outweighs Weeden by 15-20 pounds.

Regarding the jersey switch up, Romo had this to say to the Dallas Morning News.

I almost snuck in, Romo said with a smile. I feel pretty good. I could go. I was going to take some seven-on-seven reps but I don’€™t know how much that really helps, just to get those three or four reps today.

Garrett, who appears to sympathize with Romo’s passion to get back onto the field, had these comments to report..

He wants to play. He wants to be out there. We have the conversation every morning about how many reps he’s going to get, and the answer is the same. We’re going to get through this minicamp, he’s going to continue doing what he’s been doing. Do the walk-through type stuff, do the individual work and then once we get to training camp we think he’s going to be more ready to go.

Sorry Romo, but I guess you’ve got to get up quite a bit earlier in the morning to fool Coach Garrett. Perhaps next time he should try wearing Kyle Orton’s jersey, then the team might just think Orton decided to show.

Last time I checked, Romo didn’t have strawberry blonde hair.

Photo: Fansided