Tom Brady won’t criticize Donald Trump’s ‘locker room talk’

Courtesy of Lauren Petracca, USA Today Sports

The 2016 Presidential election has been one dumpster fire after another. And following the release of an 11-year old video of Donald Trump spewing sexist remarks, the election itself has been turned upside down.

As fellow Republicans turn away from their nominee with less than a month to go before Election Day, at least one supporter refuses to criticize him.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has long been considered a Trump supporter. In fact, there were reports during the summer that the future Hall of Famer was going to speak at the Republican National Convention (more on that here).

While that never came to fruition, Brady’s silence on this topic speaks volumes.

Trump’s comments, which are too vulgar to quote in this article, can be heard here.

As many professional athletes have taken exception to Trump’s claim that this was just “locker room banter,” it is surprising that Brady wouldn’t comment on the topic at all.

The comments themselves have placed Trump’s campaign into crisis mode with the GOP candidate falling behind Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by double-digits in some recent nationwide polls.

From a football perspective, Brady’s unwillingness to call out his friend likely won’t be met with much drama.

Though, it is interesting that he would refrain from taking a stand on a topic that has seemingly united a majority of Americans in opposition to Trump’s comments and actions.

One has to wonder if Brady is still hanging his Trump hat in his locker.