Texas woman won $1.2 million on $18 Kentucky Derby Pick 5 bet

Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs

This is just wild. A woman in Texas put just $18 down on a Kentucky Derby bet that turned into a staggering $1.24 million in take-home cash (before taxes, of course).

The woman, who chose not to be identified, correctly picked the winners of the final five races on Saturday at Churchill Downs, per ABC News. She laid down the bet at the Retama Park racetrack in Salem, Texas, on Saturday, watching them unfold at the track.

“It’s extremely rare,” Rachel Bagnetto, a spokeswoman for Retama Park, said. “To bet that little amount of money and win $1.2 million is unheard of. In fact, it’s the first time it’s happened at Retama.”

Per the report, the $1.24 million won on this bet nearly matched what Justify hauled in by winning the Run for the Roses.

And here we were thinking that the guy who won $150,000 on a futures bet for $500 got a massive return for his investment.