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Terrell Owens calls on Cowboys to fire Jason Garrett

Vincent Frank
Jerry Jones Jason Garrett
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens did not play a single game under current head coach Jason Garrett.

This has not stopped Owens from talking about and criticizing his former organization. That now includes Owens blasting owner Jerry Jones for “meddling” while calling for him to fire Garrett.

“He (Jones) needs to quit meddling,” Owens said, via TMZ Sports. “He’s in the cookie jar too much. He’s handling too much.”

One of the most hands-on owners in the NFL, some of the criticism surrounding Jones is that he’s too involved in player personnel and coaching matters. That’s been the case since he purchased the Cowboys back in 1989.

As it relates to Garrett, Jones has been more non-committal in recent weeks after the team dropped three consecutive games. Prior to the team’s blowout Week 7 win over Philadelphia, rumors persisted that Garrett might be on the outs.

Owens says it could not come soon enough.

“If they get rid of that coach, you’ll see some re-energized, rejuvenated players,” the Hall of Famer said.

At 4-3 on the season, Dallas takes on the New York Giants Monday night. If the team were to suffer an upset loss on national television, it could expedite Garrett’s depature from the organization.

At the very least, one high-profile member of the organization is not backing the head coach.